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About Tiger Safari India Team

Sharad Vats - Founder

Our Founder

Sharad Kumar Vats

Sharad was born and raised in New Delhi, and his early dream was to play cricket for India. He was a dedicated outdoor athlete who succeeded in every sports he played. But for some personal reasons he had to give up sports and chose Hotel Management to build his professional career at a time when his contemporaries were studying for Engineering and Medical entrance tests. He got the opportunity to work with Asia’s leading hotel group, the Taj Group of Hotels (a TATA Group Enterprise). In the very first year with the Taj Group, he was named Employee of the Year, and accolades flowed in.

Mr. Divya Bhanu Sinh Chavda, a Wildlife Expert and acclaimed author of several books on Indian Wildlife, was his ‘Super Boss’. The fallout of his several interactions with Mr Chavda, Sharad got on a jungle trail visiting a number of national parks over the next few years.

At the age of 22, he saw his first tiger in 1990, but he had no idea that this one sighting would catapult him into a world where woods were all that mattered. Sharad travelled across India from 1990 to 1999, passing through the jungles of Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Corbett, Dudhwa, Kanha, Bharatpur, and Sariska.

TIGER CEO book by Sharad Vats

He left the hotels with a fresh sense of purpose and founded his own company, ‘Nature Safari India Pvt Ltd,’ with the motto ‘Conservation through Tourism.’ He improved and honed his wildlife photography talents as he continued through his journey. In 2014, he filmed an incredible natural history moment when a tiger was planning to take on an elephant’s calf. This image was well received internationally.

As hotels was in his blood, so he set up a boutique wildlife resort in Kanha National Park from the first brick, operated it for 10 years and sold it as he wanted to focus on his wildlife journey.

It was in early 2020 that the pandemic struck, and as he had learnt that never waste a crisis. So he started to pen down his observation of the tiger for three decades which had never been thought of before. Sharad published “The Tiger CEO” to combine his enthusiasm for animals and imparting practical management skills. “The tiger is an enigma that intrigues us all,” he explains. There are numerous coffee-table books on tigers written by a variety of experts, but I was compelled to write down my own observations and interpretations of essential tiger characteristics that make the feline not only an ultimate predator but also an exemplary leader.

I find myself going to the tiger for inspiration again and again at this point in history, when we sense the need for strong leadership to guide us through the challenges we confront. I’ve discovered several of the feline’s characteristics in leaders throughout history, across the globe, and in a range of domains, and I’ve shared them with you in the book. I hope that this book inspires you to use the king of the jungle’s essential lessons. The Tiger CEO is available on a variety of international sites worldwide, including,, iBooks, Google Play Store, and NotionPress.

Our Motto

A journey from “Conservation through Tourism” to “We Serve, We Conserve,” our organization’s foundation motto. This notion was pioneered by us, and we implemented the same at the grassroots level. This motto stood fulfilled when tourists surged in national parks, resulting in more jobs and a local economy. Then it was time to broaden our vision to “We Serve, We Conserve.”

What started as a first online wildlife tour company has grown due to references from its past guests, and that was plainly possible due to the exemplary services being given by our team.

This credo underpins all of our values and actions. People come first, followed by profits. A delighted guest and a cheerful child studying at a local school provide us joy more than anything else.

Our Team

The focal point of our organization is people. Not only our team, but our guests, and our stakeholders in this journey are all important. Everyone should get more than they expect is our motto.

We believe in the old adage that ‘if one wants to go fast then go alone, but if one wants to go far then go together’.

Tiger Safari India aspires to present you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a surreal view of India and its wildlife. Like stripes of all tigers are different, so are all our safaris. Every safari experience is uniquely designed to the requirements of our guests.

Hence, we take it upon ourselves to guarantee that your trip is as unique as you desire. Our in-house team of jungle men who have years of experience living in and around the national parks look forward to serving you soon and participating in your next Jungle Book trip.

Sharad Vats - Team

Sharad Vats

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Deepkul Chhetri

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Abhishek Kumar

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Deep Narayan Tew

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