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FAQs on Tiger Safari in India 2022

FAQs on tiger safari in india

In this blog, we present the top 20 FAQs on tiger safari in India in 2022 which will help you plan your next wildlife and tiger safari in India.


Why India is a go-to destination for seeing Tigers in their natural habitat?

Apart from India, there are seven other countries where tigers are allowed to wander freely. However, India possesses roughly three-quarters of the world’s wild tigers roaming in 50 tiger reserves, with a population of 2967 tigers. The sheer number of tigers in India greatly enhances the chances of seeing one. There are great possibilities of seeing tigers in at least 15 of the 50 tiger reserves.


Which are the top national parks for Tiger safari in India?

The top 5 national parks for tiger safari in India are: Corbett National Park, Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park Tiger Safari, Tadoba National Park and Ranthambhore National Park. We mention these national parks because of the consistency of tiger sightings during the last ten years.


faqs on tiger safari in india


When is the ideal time to visit India for a Tiger Safari tour?

The best time to watch tigers is from October through June. However, because all water streams stop to flow by early March, leaving small pools cut off from main water sources, some man-made water holes build by forest department to deal with shortage of water in these months, so the tigers begin to spend more time near the water sources to get rid of the heat. Even the mercury reaches close to 40 degrees Celsius in March, rises to mid-45 degrees by April, making March through May a good period to watch tigers in the wild.


What are the chances of spotting Tiger on a Tiger safari In India?

It’s a 50-50 chance. To spot a tiger you just have to be in the right position at the right time. The most common method of seeing is to follow the herbivore’s distress call. Maximizing the number of safaris can increase the chances of seeing Tiger. A trained and experienced naturalist matter most when it comes to tracking the call to detect Tiger movement around the park.


How far ahead of time should one plan a tiger safari in India?

A Tiger Safari tour should be planned at least 5-6 months ahead of time. The reason for this is that most national parks in India start accepting booking of safari permits 120 days prior to the safari date. Bookings for certain parks begin a year in advance as well.


What is different kind of safaris are available during Tiger Safari in India?

Most of the parks provide open jeep safaris. Elephant safaris, Canter safaris, Boat safaris are the various safaris available in India in different national parks.


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How much does a Tiger Safari in India cost on average?

The average cost of a tiger safari in India varies widely depending on the parks visited, the number of days spent travelling, the number of people travelling with you, whether you stay in 3-star or 4-5 star accommodations, whether you take individual or shared jeep safaris, and so on.


What are zones in a national park?

There are two zones in each national park. The Core & buffer zone. The core zone is a protected area where the least human interference is allowed while in buffer zone local people are allowed to carry on some activities.


Is it possible for anyone to select a zone for their tiger safari?

When we book safari permits for you, we reserve your safari zones in advance. They are scheduled in accordance with the most recent tiger sightings and predictions made by our on-the-ground crew in several national parks. When you arrive in the national park, you must stay within the boundaries of the safari permit zone assigned by state forest department.


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Do they have special guides to explain wildlife on a tiger safari in India?

During your tiger safari in India, you will be accompanied by the best naturalists (these are specially trained personnel who know all around about the wildlife of the national park) on the ground after you get to the national park. Along with naturalists, the forest service provides local guides who are intimately familiar with the area and can assist you in spotting a variety of wildlife.


On a Tiger Safari in India, how do you locate tigers?

Tiger tracking during a tiger safari is a true art form. We have a staff of seasoned naturalists who are experts in the jungle. Their understanding of the forest, its plants and creatures is simply remarkable. They take into account not only the tigers but also the behaviour of other prey animals. A decent naturalist, along with a little luck, is the secret to any successful tiger sighting. Our naturalists examine the delicate signs left by the jungle to track down the big cats. Our knowledgeable drivers, guides, and naturalists can identify prey cries, pug markings, scrape marks, and scratch marks on the trail to determine where the big cats are.


What is the time duration of a tiger safari tour?

Morning tiger safaris begin at sunrise and end at 11:30 a.m., while afternoon safaris begin the safari begins at 3:30 p.m. and ends at sunset. Depending upon the month of the year tiger safari timing varies due to changes in sunrise and sunset timing.


Is it possible for us to spend the entire day in the park?

Yes, there is a full-day permit that allows you to spend the entire day in the park. These are photographic special permits which are quite expensive. These are booked directly from the head offices of the forest department very much in advance. Mostly used for making documentaries.


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What is an exclusive safari?

When you book an entire permit and jeep only for you to enter the national park is considered to be an exclusive safari. Both you and the person you’re travelling with will be allowed on the safari jeep for an exclusive safari, along with the mandatory forest guide and the driver.


What is a sharing safari?

Sharing safari is when you will be accompanied by other guests in the same jeep. On a jeep, 6 tourists are allowed along with a forest guide and driver. Hence if you are taking a shared safari you have to share the same jeep with the other 05 guests on the safari. It is quite economical compared to an exclusive safari but the experience of a sharing safari is not pleasant. So we always recommend taking an exclusive safari.


Is it possible for us to go on a night safari?

Yes, night safaris are available in a few selected parks, including Kanha, Pench, and Panna. However, night safaris are only permitted in the buffer zone of the national park.


During a tiger safari, do tigers attack or charge on safari jeeps?

No animal will ever assault or charge a safari vehicle on purpose. It’s critical to remember that we’re in their home, and it’s our responsibility as visitors and tourists to keep a respectful space between the vehicle and the animal. Allow them to stroll freely without obstructing their path and they will bless you with beautiful sightings and some once-in-a-lifetime moments captured in your camera. When an animal is given adequate freedom to wander around and complete their daily routines naturally, it is most enjoyable to see them in their true form.


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What is the process to book a tiger safari in India?

The procedure for booking a tiger safari in India is quick and simple. When you email us a query, we respond with possible destinations where you can go on a tiger safari at that particular time of year. The tour is tailored to your preferences and needs. Once you’ve confirmed your tour with us, we’ll need a 25% deposit to reserve your jungle lodges, safari permits, internal flights, and transportation. The remaining 75% payment is made closer to the departure arrival date. Once all payments have been received, our team will ready to welcome you to our amazing country by receiving you at the airport, transferring you tour hotel and handing over and clarifying all travel documents of your tour


What role does tourism play in tiger conservation?

Tiger conservation is aided by tourism. Various tribes live in the locations where tiger safaris are conducted. It not only creates jobs in the regions, but it also helps them understand the importance of tigers, exposes them to other cultures, and leads to the establishment of better forest administration.


What kind of clothing should one bring for a tiger safari?

During winter months from October to February multi-layering and comfortable clothing are recommended. During these months, headgear, woollen gloves, socks, and thermal apparel are required. When you book with Nature Safari India, you will receive a full note on the weather in India during safaris, as well as information on what to bring and what not to bring.


During the summer months from March to June, you should to prepared to experience peak heat. The temperature reached to 45 degrees centigrade so you must decide what to wear to avoid heat stroke. But be it any season of the year one should always remember to wear earthly colours on a tiger safari in India.


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