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Important Points to remember on your first tiger safari in India

first tiger safari in india

First Tiger Safari in India

If you are visiting for your first wildlife safari in India, then here is the list of some important points to remember. Sightings during a wildlife safari tour are purely based on the luck and skills of the drivers and the guide. There is no guarantee for any particular sightings but if planned properly there are high chances of seeing the desired animals, birds, reptiles, and insects. India is the seventh-largest country in the world and wildlife is scattered across different geographical locations. Hence it is important to have clarity in terms of what to expect from your first wildlife safari tour in India.

first tiger safari in india
Bengal tiger getting photographed by people in a jeep


How to choose the best National Park?

India is the land of tigers. With almost 3000 tigers in the wild, it is surely one of the best places for tiger safaris. There are also many species like Asiatic lions of Gir National Park, one-horned rhino of Kaziranga National Park, Red Panda of Singalila National Park and many more which are endemic to their region. India has a wide variety of fauna and geographical region. It is important to have clarity on what you would like to see on your visit to the National Park of India and the suggested duration of stay at a particular National Park.

Ask your tour operator or research about which is the ideal time to visit to increase the chances of seeing key species of mammals, birds, and reptiles. For tiger safari in India, you must be aware of the Tiger density of the National Park, Connectivity from the nearest airport and other National Parks, safety, camera charges, the best season to visit. These small details help in planning a better experience of a wildlife safari tour in India.

choosing park for tiger safari in india
Open off road jeeps on an open road in the middle of the forest in Jim Corbett park in Himachal.


Camera Equipment

Wildlife photography is challenging with moving subjects, low light, and distant animals and birds. It is important to carry the right camera equipment for wildlife safari in India. It is advised to keep a telephoto and a wide-angle prime lens both in two bodies. When an animal or bird can get close, and when far is tough to predict, so changing lenses during the safari wastes time, and chances of dust getting inside the camera are very high.

Hence it is advised to carry two camera bodies, one with a prime wide lens, and one with prime telephoto. Either ask your tour operator or wildlife lodge to arrange a bean bag to support your big camera lenses. Use flash photography neither in a camera nor on mobile phones. 


Things to carry

  • It is advised to travel with light luggage. Carry a hat and avoid wearing bright colors. Wear earth colors like greens, beige, and brown. 
  • Carry your passport or the photo id that you gave while booking the safari permit as you will not be allowed entry without a valid photo ID. 
  • Take some snacks and cookies and a bottle of water in case you feel hungry and thirsty during the safari. In some National parks like Kanha and Bandhavgarh, the breakfast is carried in the jeep and served at designated spots. 
  • Always carry a sanitizer in case you need to use the make-shift toilets in the park. During the winter season, it is advised to carry proper woolen clothes. A lot of guests coming from cold countries underestimate the winter temperatures in the forest and are surprised. 
  • Please carry a mask to protect from dust and a camera bag to protect the equipment from the rain and dust.
  •  A sanitizer is a must-carry item just in case you need to use the make-shift toilets in the park or at the gate. (not all the National park entries have washrooms)

points to remember on tiger safari in india


Information to gather before a wildlife safari tour in India

 Here’s a list of details to be known by the guest before a wildlife safari tour in India.  

  • Basic information like distance and travel time between destinations, nearby airport or railway station
  • Key species of mammals, birds, and reptiles found in the National Park
  • Total safari vehicles allowed in the National Park during morning and afternoon wildlife safari tour
  • Total no. of safaris included in wildlife safari tour package.
  • Expected temperatures and season during a wildlife safari tour in India
  • Distance of lodges booked from the National park gate
  • When is the ideal time to book a safari? For getting the best zone it is advised to give the details like passports and photo ID before this time.
  • Unique points about the National Park visiting for a wildlife safari tour in India
  • The safari gypsies are not covered and apply sunscreen to protect from the sun.


Travel operator to choose

The ideal choice of travel operator is the one who carefully looks at every small detail like this which has a large impact on the overall wildlife safari tour experience. A wildlife tour operator which is experienced and based at the location can offer unmatched service at an unmatched price. Nature Safari India and Tiger Safari India are the best travel operator for a wildlife safari tour in India.

Their reviews on TripAdvisor are outstanding and are currently ranked 7th in outdoor activities providers in New Delhi. They are recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, the Government of India, and members of the Indian Association of Tour Operator (IATO) and the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA).

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