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11 Best Forest Rest Houses in Corbett National Park

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Corbett National Park in the foothills of the Himalayas of Northern India is among the few National Park where you are allowed to spend the night inside the National Park. In this blog we have compiled a list of the top 11 best forest rest houses in Corbett National Park for you to plan a perfect jungle experience.

To experience wild India from very close to their Natural Habitat, Forest rest houses are the best place to stay. With an area of 520 sq km of core zone and 798 sq km of buffer zone, the total area of Corbett National park is 1318 sq km. There is altogether 24 Forest rest House in the total area of Corbett National Park. Out of 24, 11 Forest Rest house is accessible for guests traveling from all around the world. The fact that these rest houses are almost a century old makes them a really intriguing location to stay. For better tourism management without interfering with the natural habitat of the animal species, a delicate balance is achieved between the park’s woodland rest houses and tiger safari zones.

Being deep inside the forest a visitor will be away from the crowd and enters the era of a century back. Around the Forest rest House, there is nothing built, visitor is inside the solar electric fenced accommodation (Some are not fenced), and all around is the forest and the wildlife. The mobile network is almost none in most of the Forest Rest House, which will keep a visitor away from their regular work and brings them a lot closer to nature.

There is no air conditioning in any of the Forest Rest Houses and no fan in many Forest Rest Houses, however, are covered by the dense forest canopy and the cold breeze from the rivers won’t make someone feel that hot during the safari.


forest rest houses in corbett


  1. Dhikala Forest Rest House

Inside the Corbett National Park, the Dhikala Forest Rest House has located almost at the center of the National Park at Padli dun valley. Right in front, you have a beautiful flood plain formed over the years by the Ramganga river and beyond that, the Kanda ridge in the backdrop. In the Corbett Tiger Reserve, Dhikala is one of the most popular zones because of the Forest Rest House in the zone. The expansive Dhikala Grassland is home to an elephant herd and spotted deer. The Tiger Reserve is most likely the best location to see the rare Hog Deer.

Every wildlife enthusiast looks forward to their stay at Dhikala. Dhikala zone can be entered through Dhangari gate, which is 18 km from Ramnagar. With the heavy monsoon for three years in the region, the stream flowing on the way to the Dhikala zone causes a restriction to access. So the zone opens on 15th November and closes by 15th June. it is still inaccessible throughout the monsoon season. Built more than a century ago, the old Forest Rest House at Dhikala is a historic place to stay. Dhikala Forest Rest House is the rest house with the highest rooms of 32 rooms along with the dormitory facility.

In Dhikala Forest Rest House no non-vegetarian food or alcohol is allowed. To know more about Dhikala Forest Rest house you can visit the page Dhikala Forest Rest House.

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dhikala forest rest house corbett


  1. Dhela Forest Rest House

Similar like Dhikala Forest Rest House you can stay inside Dhela forest rest house from 15th November to 15th June. Dhela forest rest House lies in the Southeastern part of Corbett National Park. Old Forest Rest House from 1926 just There are two double bedrooms provided with all the necessities, but no non-vegetarian food is allowed inside and there is no canteen, so guests must bring their own ingredients. This Forest Rest House is close to a Dhela community, and there are solar electric fences available for security There is no Canteen facility therefore one must bring their own ingredients for cooking, such as spices and cooking oil. A chef will be on hand to prepare the cuisine. Due to the reliance on solar energy, hot water facilities and evening electricity are accessible.

Here, the safari begins 30 minutes earlier than it does for visitors staying at a private resort. As a result, it increases the likelihood that visitors to Dhela will see wildlife.. The forest lodge has all the essential utilities (power from solar panels, water, etc.), but if you’re hoping for a luxurious getaway, you’ll be let down. Dhela Forest rest house has just two rooms.

In Dhela Forest rest House no nonveg or alcohol is allowed.


jim corbett national park safari


  1. Bijrani Forest Resthouse

One of the well-known areas of the Corbett Tiger Reserve is Bijrani. Bijrani Within this area, a government-run forest rest home offers overnight stays in the midst of nature. It is located in the eastern part of the National Park. During the British era, the Bijrani zone was a shooting region and this Forest Rest house was built. Shikaris loved the location because it provided excellent opportunities for hunting large wildlife. In comparison to Dhikala, Bijrani’s topography is drier and home to a wider variety of plant life.

Bijrani forest resthouse in the woods has a total of 6 rooms, including 1 dormitory with 4 beds, 2 single rooms, and 4 double rooms. Despite being about 9 kilometers (9 miles) inside the forest from the local town of Ram Nagar, this forest guest lodge offers decent housing and food. Along with all the standard guest facilities, the bathrooms are nice and clean and the rooms are comfortable. The complex of guest houses contains a canteen and a restaurant with a wide selection of delectable vegetarian delicacies served as buffet meals at very reasonable costs.

Aamdanda is the gate to access to the Bijrani Forest rest house and no nonveg and alcohol is allowed.

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bijrani forest rest house


  1. Malani Forest Rest House

Another Forest House located in Bijrani zone towards the west of Bijrani Forest rest house is Malani Forest Rest House. Malani Lodge has a total of 2 rooms, and on request, extra beds are available. Shared eating space is available for both rooms, and both have an attached bathroom. Electricity is offered here in the evenings because it is solar-powered and there is also a hot water facility. Finally, one should not anticipate luxury here, only tranquility and wilderness. Since there is no culinary facility on site, you will need to supply raw ingredients, including spices. A chef will also be on hand to prepare the food, however, you are also welcome to self-prepare it.

Malani has a lot to offer, including the most picturesque surroundings and tranquility, since it is located on the edge of the core zone of the Corbett National Park. The game drive to Malani is a very fulfilling experience in the natural world since it offers a simple way to observe various species and fowl in their natural habitats.


Malani forest rest house


  1. Sultan Forest Rest House

Sultan Forest Rest House is the first forest rest house out of five inside the Dhikala Zone. It is approximately 09 km drive from Dhangari gate. There are 02 double bedrooms available with attached bathroom. There is no electricity in Sultan Forest rest house however you will get limited electricity in the evening provided through solar panels/invertors. Like in Malani Forest Rest House one has to carry the raw ingredients for the food and self-cooked.

The area is dominated by sal trees all around making the dense woodlands. The Sultan Forest Rest house is named after a stream flowing through the area called sultan sot. The stream provides water to the wildlife around during the summer. Around this area, one can see Sambar, Barking Deer, Spotted dear, Sloth Bear and the predators, the Tigers, leopards were also seen coming to the stream for the water.

Similar like other forest rest houses in Dhikala, this is also open from 15th November to 15th June.


jeep crossing river inside corbett


  1. Sarapduli Forest Rest House

Sarapduli Forest Rest house is again located inside the Dhikala Zone. It is the closest resthouse to the Dhikal Forest Rest House. In the Dhikala zone, it is the most centrally positioned rest house and is adjacent to the Ramganga River. One of the best forest rest houses in the Dhikala zone for observing animals, which is surrounded by mixed forest and river beds. Due to its proximity to the sand banks at the Ramganga River, where crocodiles and gharials typically lounge in the sun, Sarapduli is also the finest area to look for these reptiles.

Sarapduli Forest Rest house has two double bedrooms with attached bathroom and a Dormitory is available with 03 beds. There is a Kitchen facility the visitors have to carry their own supplies for food. It is surrounded by solar wire fencing so the animal doesn’t come inside the accommodation area. There is no electricity in Sarapduli Forest rest house, however, there is a backup of Solar panels/invertors which will be on during the evening for limited hours.


Sarapduli Corbett National Park


  1. Gairal Forest Rest House

Gairal forest rest House is another Forest rest House located inside the Dhikala zone. It is another location inside next to the Ramganga river bank. This place offers an amazing view of the river along with the chance of seeing plenty of wildlife roaming around the river for water and food. The king of the forest, the Tiger, frequently makes an appearance near the river bank, either to drink or in pursuit of prey. Elephant herds can also be seen sipping water from the river, taking baths, and on a playful mode.

The accommodation in Gairal Forest rest House is comparatively nice and more comfortable than some of the other rest houses in Dhikala. There are two blocks one is an Old Forest rest house block and another is new. The old one was built in 1903, which is not available for online booking. The New Forest Rest house block is for the tourist which has 04 double bedrooms with attached bathrooms and one Dormitory with 08 beds on it. In Gairal Forest Rest House there is a canteen and small dining hall where around 10 – 15 people can accommodate. During lunch, a visitor can enjoy their lunch in the open lawn next to the dining hall with a beautiful view.

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Gairal Corbett


  1. Jhirna Forest Rest House

The only Forest rest house in the Jhirna zone is Jhirna Forest Rest House with 04 double bedrooms with an attached bathroom. The Jhirna zone, which is on the southern boundary of the Corbett National Park, is home to a wide range of plants and animals. This area once housed a settlement, which moved to a different location and the site was eventually included in the reserve park. The terrain then changed into a heavily forested area and a sizable meadow, both of which are now inhabited by animals like Nilgai(Blue bull), Sambar, Spotted Deer, and Wild Boar. Due to the presence of these animals, this region is popular among tourists who are more likely to spot tigers here.

Rooms in Jhirna Forest rest House are spacious with clean bathrooms however you will have a very limited facility. The electricity is limited as it is run by a solar panel. There is a Kitchen and a chef but one has to carry their own supplies for staying inside. Alcohol and nonveg is not allowed inside. Similar to other forest rest houses it also opens on 15th November and closes on 15th June of every year. One can enter the Jhirna forest rest house from Dhela gate which is 20 km from Ramnagar.


  1. Haldupara Forest Rest House

Halduparao Forest Rest House is 10 km inside through the forest from Vantanvasa gate, which was built in 1890. And the Vantanvasa gate is around 50 km from Ramnagar. It is located towards the western part of the Corbett National park at the elevation of 385 meters on the right bank of Palain river a tributary of river Ramganga. it provides visitors with a panoramic view of the river and the nearby forests.

The Haldupara Forest rest House has existed for almost a century. However, the new building was built so that visitors might stay there. The area’s wilderness is spectacular throughout. The Palain river flows close to Forest Rest House. The little guard tower on the FRH property might provide a clear view of the river. The majority of animals may be spotted around the Palain river drinking, gazing, and playing around.

There are two double bedrooms are available in Haldupara Forest rest House. Electricity is only in the evening for limited hours with the help of a solar inverter. One has to carry the raw ingredients for food. A residential cook will cook the food. Only veg food is allowed and alcohol is prohibited in the area.


  1. Mundiyapani Forest Rest House

Mundiyapani Forest Rest house was built in over a century back in the year 1903. It is located in the Northern part of the Corbett National Park inside the Domunda Tourism Zone. The Vatanvasa gate is where you enter the safari. Even though the road is passable, the likelihood of wild activities (movement) increases as you travel farther. There is a woodland barrier that requires entry or proof of a valid stay permit. Otherwise, the forest personnel won’t be allowed to enter any further. You can experience a fantastic adventure through this Corbett Tiger Reserve environment after driving for about 38 kilometers through a beautiful green highland rainforest. The Forest Rest House is older than a century. The entire area has amazing wilderness. It is a good place for birds. For birdwatching, you can stroll alongside the water stream.

Mundiyapani Forest rest House has two double bedrooms and one extra bed can be added. Similar to other forest rest houses, one has to carry the raw ingredients for the food. The caretaker of the forest rest house will help you cook food. Nonveg and alcohol is not allowed.


  1. Rathuwadhab Forest Rest House

Rathuwadhab Forest Rest House is another forest rest house that has access from the Vantanvasa gate. The forest rest house is close to a Ruthudhab village. The Forest Rest house was built in 1899 and is located near the bank of river Mandal. Once you enter the rest house the safari can be done inside the forest and one can also walk around under some premises.

There are 02 double bedrooms are there which can accommodate 04 – 06 people at the time. The kitchen is available for cooking; one has to carry the ingredients from outside. Here as the village is close by the visitor can get the basic needs shops easily.

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