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Panna National Park

Madhya Pradesh

Best Time To Visit:

March – April

October – February

Reaching Panna:

Flight: New Delhi – Khajuraho OR New Delhi – Jabalpur

Railway: New Delhi – Khajuraho

About Panna National Park

Panna National Park created history in Tiger conservation. Having lost all Tigers to systematic poaching from the year 2006 to 2008, it successfully relocated 3 tiger from other reserves in the year 2009. These Tigers made Panna their home, and today with dedicated efforts of Mr. Murthy the then Field Director the Tiger population has reached 55 Tigers (cubs included). This park is now home to Tigers, Leopards, Sloth Bears, Crocodiles, Gharials, over 300 species of birds, Deers, and monkeys. Apart from Jeep safaris, boat safaris are a good option to observe the Crocodiles and riverine birds in the Ken.

A diamond mine to India, this park has the amazing superpower to both thrill you and calm you. A boat ride on the Ken is all it takes to discover that the forest is indeed a gem hidden, harboring diversity in its belly, and protecting its land since the recent past of 2008. After years of poaching, Panna stands on the virgin grounds of a broad leaf dry deciduous forest.

Panna National Park Tiger Safari Tours

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Popular Fauna at Panna

Indian Leopard
It has larger rosettes than the other subspecies, with a paler coat in desert habitats, greyer in colder climes and more ochre in rainforest habitats. They are solitary predators who remain well-camouflaged at night but come down from trees to hunt during the day.
Royal Bengal Tiger
His majesty, the national animal of India. The Royal Bengal Tiger is considered by many naturalists as one of the most powerful apex predators. You catch a glimpse of this big cat in action at the Panna National Park.
Marsh Crocodile
The mugger, also known as the marsh crocodile, is a crocodile of medium to large size with the broadest snout of all the living members of the genus Crocodylus. They are more alligator-like than any other crocodile, as most crocodiles have a snout that is pointier.
Tiger Safari in Bandhavgarh Gallery 3
Axis Deer
This is a species of deer that is native to the Indian subcontinent. The chital is a moderately sized deer. Males reach nearly 90 cm and females 70 cm at the shoulder; the head-and-body length is around 1.7 m.

Tiger Safaris at Panna National Park

Jeep Safari 2

Jeep Safaris:

Jeep Safaris: Panna National Park conducts a half day safari. A half day jeep safaris can be categorized as a morning safari and an evening safari. The morning safaris start around 0600 hours depending on the sunrise time and lasts for about 4.5-5 hours. After the morning safari, the guest heads back to the lodge/resort. You can freshen up, eat a quick lunch, relax for a bit and later head back in to the jungle for your evening safari. The evening safari lasts for about 3 – 3.5 hours depending on the time of sunset. Post your evening safari, you head back to the lodge for dinner and take the rest of the evening at leisure


Walking Safaris:

Panna National Park also offers walking safaris on guided tiger trails within the buffer zone of the park. Here, the guest is accompanied by a naturalist and a forest guard. On the trail, you are acquainted with the best of flora and fauna by expert naturalists and guides the park has to offer. These trails are fruitful for people who wish to take a break from regular jeep safaris and explore the park vegetation at close quarters.

Boat Safari

Canoe Safaris:

Boat or Canoe safaris on the Ken river are also possible – there are quite a few migratory waders, plovers, raptors and storks which are seen.

Accomodations at Panna National Park

Taj Pashan Garh

Taj Pashan Garh


Ken River Lodge

Ken River Lodge


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