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Satpura National Park

Madhya Pradesh

Best Time To Visit:

April – May

November – February

Reaching Satpura:

Flight: New Delhi – Bhopal

Railway: New Delhi – Bhopal OR New Delhi – Itarsi

About Satpura National Park

Satpura is a very important part of The Highlands of Central India. Captain James Forsyth spent a considerable time in the area in the mid-19th century. One can camp along the river, an experience which lasts for 2 nights, 3 days. There are varied ways to explore Satpura’s flora and fauna – the usual jeep safaris, boat safaris and interesting walking safaris. Tigers call Satpura a home for sure, but their sightings are bleak. However, you are almost assured a Leopard and a Sloth Bear sighting in Satpura. With an extremely contrasting landscape, Satpura imbibes everything; from hills to gorges and the ravines and plains of Churna.

Should you want to stay inside the national park, you can spend a night in Churna Camp and get a feel of staying in the heart of the forest. So, if you have accomplished doing regular morning and evening safaris, Satpura offers a lot of activities. It encapsulates the complete wilderness experience. The highest point of the Highlands is just about a 2-hour drive from the national park, called Panchmarhi.

Satpura National Park Tiger Safari Tours

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Popular Fauna at Satpura

sloth bear
Sloth Bear
Shaggy, dusty, and unkempt, the reclusive sloth bear makes its home in the forests of South Asia. Emitting noisy grunts and snorts, it wanders alone, usually at night, in search of insects and fresh fruit.
Kanha Tiger 2
Royal Bengal Tiger
His majesty, the national animal of India. The Royal Bengal Tiger is considered by many naturalists as one of the most powerful apex predators. You catch a glimpse of this big cat in action at the Satpura National Park.
Wild Dog
Wild Dogs
The dhole has a broad skull and a short, broad muzzle. The fur on the back and flanks is reddish brown, while the neck, chest and undersides are white or lightly coloured. It is found in a wide variety of habitat types, including deciduous and evergreen forests and alpine steppe.
Indian Giant Squirrel
Indian Giant Squirrel
These four-pound tree dwellers, native to India, have an unusual method for storing their food that’s unlike any other squirrel. Instead of storing nuts and seeds in larders underground, Indian giant squirrels create caches of food high up in the treetops.

Tiger Safaris at Satpura National Park

Jeep Safari 2

Jeep Safaris:

Satpura National Park conducts jeep safaris. A half day jeep safaris can be further categorized as a morning safari and an evening safari. The morning safaris start around 0600 hours depending on the sunrise time and lasts for about 3-3.5 hours. After the morning safari, the guest heads back to the lodge/resort. You can freshen up, eat a quick lunch, relax for a bit and later head back in to the jungle for your evening safari. The evening safari lasts for about 3 – 3.5 hours depending on the time of sunset. Post your evening safari, you head back to the lodge for dinner and take the rest of the evening at leisure.


Walking Safaris:

Satpura National Park also offers walking safaris on guided tiger trails within the buffer zone of the park. Here, the guest is accompanied by a naturalist and a forest guard. On the trail, you are acquainted with the best of flora and fauna by expert naturalists and guides the park has to offer. These trails are fruitful for people who wish to take a break from regular jeep safaris and explore the park vegetation at close quarters.

Boat Safari

Canoe Safaris:

Boat or Canoe safaris on the Denwa river are also possible – there are quite a few migratory waders, plovers, raptors and storks which are seen.

Accomodations at Satpura National Park

Forsyth Lodge

Forsyth Lodge


Reni Paani Lodge

Reni Pani Lodge


Denwa Backwater

Denwa Backwaters Lodge


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