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Things to carry while on a tiger safari in India

photography equipments to carry on safari

Things to carry while on a tiger safari in India. Planning and waiting months or days to finally prepare yourself for a safari tour. Now a tiger safari in India is not a usual tour. The niche tour requires a different approach to prepare yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go on a safari. So here are some important things to carry while going on a tiger safari in India.

Airline e-ticket, Passport, Itinerary, Travel insurance:

Of course, these are the most essential and obvious things you will first pack in your fanny packs. For example, all national parks require a copy of your latest passport to allow you to enter the national park for your tiger safari.





First and foremost the prescription medicines should be packed on priority. If you forget your prescribed medicines there might be a possibility that your prescribed medicine might not be available In India. So prescribed medicine is a must with other necessary medicines like cold/flu tablets, allergy remedies (if you have any), painkillers, Antiseptic cream, Motion sickness tablets, Anti-diarrhoea medicine, Re-hydration salts.


medicines to carry while travelling


Safari Luggage:

Mobility is key when you should think about your safari luggage. You will be using different modes of transport (airlines, cars) so suitcases with wheels can be quite handy to quickly transfer your luggage. Most of the lodges in jungles have quite good accessibility to move your suitcases if not a good safari company will probably have someone on hand to carry your luggage for you. A daypack or small backpack is also handy to carry your small utilities on a safari.




Photography equipment:

Tiger safari in India is a photographer’s dream. From amateur to experienced photographers do loads of safari to capture tigers of India. They should always carry bean bags (substitute of tripods) to keep your heavy camera stable while going on safari. A good safari company can easily provide you with bean bags if you inform them in advance. Nature Safari India can also provide you with other camera equipment or lens on rent if you require them.



photography equipments to carry on safari


Luggage weight:

Of course, you are going to pack your clothes! But are you packing the right clothes.. and are you packing within the weight restriction your airlines are providing your to carry. International airlines may provide you with more luggage weight but most Indian domestic airlines provide you with just 15 Kilograms of check-in baggage. There is always an option of keeping your extra luggage at your first hotel if you are going to stay back with them on your tour.



Packing the right clothes for a safari is also an equally important task. Clothes should be neutral colors: khaki, light brown/green, tan. Avoid bright colors & white for improved game viewing. Some important clothing to carry on a tiger safari in India are:




a) A safari jacket is a very handy accessory to take with you on your tiger safari.

b) Comfortable non-synthetic short- and long-sleeved safari shirts

c) Comfortable non-synthetic shorts and long trousers

d) Pajamas

e) Swimming costume

f) Flip-flops or sport sandals

g) Comfortable safari hiking/walking shoes (not white). These are very important on a walking safari.

h) Pairs of socks

i) Extra shoelace

j) Safari hat

Casual but comfortable clothing is suitable throughout the year. Be sure to pack those clothes you feel comfortable in. Wearing clothes in layers is important to cope with the fluctuation in temperature of morning and afternoon tiger safari in India. The temperature fluctuates a lot at both dusk and dawn.


Some other important things:

  • Safari Binoculars. No safari packing list is complete without them.
  • Travel pillow
  • Money belt or fanny pack
  • Universal plug adaptors
  • Sunblock and after-sun lotion
  • Cloth Mask
  • Sunglasses – make sure they have polarised lenses
  • Your prescribed glasses or lens
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste/dental floss
  • 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner
  • Tweezers
  • Lip balm


Time to plan your safari!

Hopefully, these tips will help you to figure out what you need to pack for your safari. If you need more information or want to go ahead and embark on a tiger safari in India Contact Us. We’ll be happy to help you decide on the best tour option. Visit here to browse our top tiger safari tours in India.

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