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Tiger Safari India Holiday Tours

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Tiger Safari Tours in India

India is a land with an unparalleled bio-geographical prowess. It has some of the most iconic jungles for wildlife viewing, homing the biggest cat in the feline family. Our tiger safari India holidays embrace such forests and their wildlife in full form.

A successful tiger safari in India requires patience and perseverance. Importantly tracking is the most vital part of the jungle education of our team. Our expert trackers are not only observers, but interpreters of all they see. All the forest dwellers have a language of their own, so it is an aide to know what is being said by the animals and why. Their trained eyes and ears make your tiger safari productive and meaningful.

Some of our most popular Tiger Safari India journeys are cited below. But should you be keen to see the diversity of Indian culture alongside the tiger safaris then just let us know and we shall suggest some tours accordingly. An early morning boat ride on the holy ganges, a rickshaw ride in the colourful bazaars, a heritage walk in the walled city, or a street food tour are some highlights that you may explore during your India Holiday.

05 Nights/06 Days
Includes : Tiger Safari Holiday Package in Bandhavgarh
A prime tiger safari park in central India, Bandhavgarh National Park is a healthy mix of Sal and Bamboo thickets. This park, although smaller…
04 Nights/05 Days
Includes : Tiger Safari Holidays in Rajasthan, Leopard Tours
A land of the Royalty homing the Royal Bengal Tiger! What more could you have asked from a tiger safari tour that perfectly blends together India’s warm…
09 Nights/10 Days
Includes : Tiger Safari Holidays with birding tours, boat and canoe safaris in India
Northern India arguably has one of the richest avian diversities as well as cultural landscapes to offer. It also hosts the most Iconic animal, the Tiger…
16 Nights/17 Days
Includes : Luxury Safari Holidays, Tiger Safari Holidays
With the mesmerizing beauty of the Royal Bengal Tiger and the luxury of the Taj Group of Hotels, this tiger safari in India is sure to leave…
18 Nights/19 Days
Includes : Tiger Safari Holidays, Cultural and Heritage Tours in India
A culturally aesthetic surrounding along with the royalty of the biggest striped feline, the Tiger Safari and Golden Triangle Tour perfectly…
23 Nights/24 Days
Includes: Tiger Safari Holidays, Lion Safari, Leopard Safari, Snow Leopard Safari
India is lucky to home 4 of the biggest cats in the world – The Bengal Tiger, Asian Leopard, Snow Leopard and the Indian Leopard…

Experts in booking your bespoke tiger safari holiday

With an expertise in organizing Tiger Safari India Tours across the country and a strong standing in Indian Wildlife, we are here to give you the best luxury wildlife holidays in India. Our tiger safari India tours cover a multitude of geographical panoramas; be it the tall Sal trees of Kanha National Park, the bamboo ridden Bandhavgarh National Park, the Himalayan vistas of Corbett National Park or the dry undulating landscape of Ranthambore National Park.

We also specialize in tailor making your tiger safari India expeditions. Keeping a guest’s requirements and satisfaction at the highest pedestal is our ultimate goal, and so, an absolute bespoke safari tour that is just right for you and your family, can be planned by our proficient team. To plan this ultimate safari, team Tiger Safari India works round the clock with the finest on ground naturalists backed by 24×7 customer care support, replying to all your queries on a timely basis.

Nature Safari India, the parent company of Tiger Safari India is a recognized organisation by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and became a member of the Indian Association of Tour Operators. Other than the aforementioned, we have also partnered up with ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors) and TOFT (Travel Operators for Tigers).

Top Tiger Safari India Tour Destinations

Handpicked Tiger Safari India Holiday Destinations for the best
tiger safaris in the country

Falling in the south eastern sub-tropical range, India is lucky to have a varying geography. This not only helps in conserving a plethora of wildlife in different landscapes but also ensures each of the species are well taken care of in such diverse habitats.

In the north, we have Corbett National Park, a forested gem that falls beautifully in the laps of the Himalayan Foothills. It is called the land of the Roar, Trumpet and Song for it pays homage to most number of tigers per square foot, the great Asian elephant and more than 500 species of birds. Moving on to Central India, Kanha National Park is the milieu on which Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’ was penned. This jungle has some of the biggest male tigers the country has ever seen. Other than the tiger, Kanha is one park which has been at the forefront of wildlife conservation in India. It not only brought back species like the Hard Ground Swamp Deer (Barasingha) but also helped it sister parks with their Tiger and Bison population by successfully translocating a few of them. In the eastern part of India, Kaziranga National Park is a jewel for it is home to the largest population of the Indian One Horned Rhino. The park is also witness to a multitude of Himalayan Bird Species, that bless the jungle with their chirps.

Such is the diversity India rests on. Below are some of the most toured national parks for tiger safaris in the country.


Ranthambore National Park is India’s first and finest park spread over 520 sq kms along the banks of the Ramganga, Kosi and Sonanadi River.

Madhya Pradesh

Bandhavgarh flourishes not only because of its scenic wildlife, but also because of the immense mythological significance it holds.

Uttarakhand, India

Corbett is one of the most scenic national parks with rich bio-diversity. Tigers, Asian Elephants, Leopards, Sloth Bears, Deers, Crocodiles…

Guest Reviews

Our efforts have time and again been recognized by all our guests on TripAdvisor. With reviews that are 100% genuine, you can read them here or head on to our official TripAdvisor page to browse through in detail.

Based on 282 reviews
sue c
sue c
23 May 2024
An Incredible Experience with Nature Safaris Our trip to Jim Corbett with Nature Safaris was an incredible experience. The park is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Sharad, Abhishek and the rest of the team know the best zones in the park to spot wildlife. If you are a birdwatcher or want the once in a lifetime opportunity to spot wildlife such as tigers and Asian elephants in the wild this is a dream tour and safari company. From our initial communication with Sharad and our ongoing emails with Abhishek they showed nothing but patience and interest with all our questions and queries. Everything was perfect and professional - the airport pick up, transfers, drivers, guide, accommodation and food. We loved it so much we are now planning other safaris with them for next year! Date of experience: May 2024
Gary N
Gary N
12 May 2024
Lifetime experience We focus on tiges and leopards. Organizing our trip was a breeze every question and concerns were answered in 24 hours . Tremendous help to get our visas the last minute The service from the company in India was the same just remarkable, we had several domestic flights were we needed tickets ,our guide has never failed us in any situation. The parks and the accommodations were remarkable. We are are working with many travel agencies, this is definitely a keeper!
6 May 2024
A MUST for nature lovers After a long period of planning and several pandemic-related postponements, in April 2024 we were finally able to embark on a three-week trip to India organized by Tiger (Nature) Safari. Our focus was clearly on visiting the national parks, so the short visits to Delhi, Agra and Jaipur were only included as a side trip. We visited Kaziranga, Tadoba, Pench, Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Ranthambore, where we had booked a total of 21 half-day and three full-day safaris. In summary, everything went very well and we liked India much more than we had dared to hope beforehand. After many safari holidays in Africa, we had concerns that the - compared to Africa - very full national parks and the associated crowds of cars and people around the sightings might even spoil our holiday enjoyment. In the end, however, these concerns turned out to be unfounded. The guides in the national parks are networked with each other, so they inform each other about sightings and it can get a bit crowded there. Most of the time, however, they are considerate of each other and the local tourists are not inappropriately loud. Of course, unpleasant situations do arise here from time to time, but overall they take a back seat compared to the many undisturbed hours spent in the wonderful Indian nature. Despite the unusually wet weather for April/May, we had a total of 45 tiger sightings (34 different specimens), of which not quite half were really good. Some were even excellent, so we ended up seeing a lot more than we had hoped for beforehand. Our other highlights were 8 leopard sightings and two (not really good) sloth bear sightings, as well as the sighting of a large python. We found the core zone of Tadoba to be the one with the most tigers. In Tadoba, however, we were unlucky that half of our safaris were in the buffer zones, which are nowhere near as good as the core zones. We were very disappointed with the allocation of buffer zones, particularly because of the great experiences in the core zone. The buffer zone permits were probably also responsible for the fact that the upgrade I wanted to a full-day safari in the core zones was not possible. We also saw a lot of tigers in Pench, although there are also an exceptionally large number of leopards here. We were even lucky enough to see a leopard dragging a fresh kill across the road in front of our car. In Pench in particular, the high extra payment for a full-day safari permit was worth it because in the last 15 minutes, i.e. the time when there were no other cars in the park, in total darkness and in a heavy thunderstorm, we suddenly came across a tigress who was lying at eye level just a few meters from our car and was only clearly visible to us when there was lightning - simply magical. Apart from Ranthambore, we experienced Kanha the most fully. We also had many tiger sightings here, but "only" those of female tigers and their half-grown cubs, which were not as spectacular for us as the large males in Tadoba, Pench and especially Bandhavgarh. We had the best tiger sighting in Bandhavgarh. Without any other cars, the largest tiger in the park, the 250kg+ heavy Bajrang, followed our jeep for over 10 minutes. At this point, a big thank you to our guide Ajeet, who not only found the tiger without the help of other guides, but also knew exactly how it usually marks its territory, so that he always positioned the jeep so that we did not disturb the magnificent tiger and still had a good view. After the first day without any sightings, Ajeet topped each individual safari with the next and finally found a leopard that was just killing a doe. We also had three tiger sightings in Kaziranga, which is quite unusual here. The tigers are rather shy there, however, so we only managed to catch a brief glimpse of them. The rhinos, the actual reason for visiting Kaziranga, are found in such large numbers that in retrospect it would have been enough if we had only spent two nights there instead of three. We found all of the parks mentioned to be great overall and couldn't decide if we were to rank them. This does not apply to Ranthambore, however. This was planned for the end of our trip and we only had two safaris there, so our negative feelings may be subjective. On the first safari, however, Ranthambore fulfilled exactly those negative clichés that we had feared before our trip to India. A small, completely overcrowded zone in which five Canter vehicles gathered when we suspected a tiger sighting and the many tourists created a noise that destroyed any feeling of nature. Most of the ten safari zones also do not correspond to the picture painted by the famous Ranthambore documentaries. Probably because of our disappointment with the park, we were also more critical than usual of our assigned guide and had little understanding for the fact that we only arrived 15 minutes after the opening of the first game drive, that he only informed us about the necessary video permit in the middle of the park and that we therefore had to go back to the entrance again, and that he finally stopped the search half an hour before the end of the second safari, parked the car next to an Indian couple we were friends with and left us waiting in the back of the jeep, completely uninvolved in their conversation. In retrospect, we should have skipped Ranthambore, which would also have saved us the unpleasant train ride from Bandhavgarh to Ranthambore. Even these two negative days do not change the fact that we are enthusiastic about India and that there is probably no better way for international tourists than to book the trip through Tiger(Nature)Safari.
4 May 2024
Fabulous tiger experience, Kanha National Park Fantastic experience with Nature Safari. Sharad Vat was extremely helpful in discussing the different parks with us and advising the one which best fitted the experience we were looking for -non commercial and a private tour as a family of four with two kids aged 10. From the moment we booked, we had a seamless experience. We were met by our driver for the 3 hour drive to the lodge. The lodge they put us up in (Saccharum Safari Lodge) was just perfect! Fabulous accomodation, traditional mud and straw architecture combined with modern facilities, great shower, clean and contemporary interior. We were spoilt with fabulous food by chef Akshandra and the whole team who looked after us, created dinners under the stars and assisted us with anything we required. We couldn’t give the lodge a high enough review and encourage any visitors to Kanha to enjoy the sincere hospitality offered by Wasin and his team. Naren Malik was our naturalist and the ranger Anil ensured we had the most phenomenal safari experience over our 7 jeep drives and walking tour. We didn’t just have incredible tiger interactions, but got to watch our guide on multiple occasions find the tigers through alarm calls and ensure we had prime position to get great photographs, whilst still respecting the tigers and ensuring they remained relaxed. An altogether phenomenal family experience with our A Team!
Jane Woodhouse
Jane Woodhouse
4 May 2024
FAULTLESS SERVICE From the very start of communicating with Sharad I knew I'd found a gem. Our trip delivered so well! The organisation was faultless, our drivers and guides were professional yet friendly. The suggested lodges were superb. We were lucky to see tigers on most of our drives and were kept well entertained by the exotic birds and abundant general wildlife. Thanks Tiger Safaris for a great tip.
felix g
felix g
3 May 2024
Tigers My wife Bonnie and I visited Kanha and Bandhavgarh parks this April. I've got to say everything went totally smoothly. Everyone was extremely nice and incredibly knowledgeable. Especially the safari guides/drivers. Finding tiger prints, listening for alarm calls from other animals and finally finding the tigers. I was concerned we'd go all that way and not see a tiger. Well, Shard expressed that April is an excellent time to visit with the underbrush at a minimum. We had 10+ tiger sightings and even were lucky enough to see 4 leopards. We can't recommend Tiger Safari India enough. Thanks Ishana and Sharad!
1 May 2024
A different experience of India! Bandhavgarh National Park We did a tour of Bandhavgarh National Park over three and a half days with Sanjay Gupta, of Nature Safari, staying at the Baghtola camp. Sanjay was a very dedicated guide, but also knowledgeable and good company. We had nice sightings of tigers, but also saw a sloth bear, many species of deer and antelopes, langurs and macaques, and lots of birds. The Baghtola camp was very comfortable, offering spacious accommodations and abundant, delicious food. A passionate young herpetologist and guide there, Yash Mane, gave us many insights into the fauna and many other aspects of the park.
Julie S
Julie S
30 April 2024
AMAZING TOUR COMPANY AMAZING experience. Itinerary planned to focus on our interests of nature and wildlife, lodges chosen were excellent, amazing safari drives and personalised attention to detail. All our requests were attended to immediately and in a friendly helpful manner. Everything went great! Definitely go with this company !
28 April 2024
Best trip ever This, my 3rd visit to India, was organized by nature safaris with my contact being Deepkul I can find no fault with any aspect of our itinerary the transfers always on time, clean and pleasant. Our itinerary comprised of 4 lodges in very different areas the first Diphlu river lodge servicing the very unique Kaziranga NP. the lodge was absolutely outstanding with beautiful and well-appointed cottages the food was unbelievably good and the staff eager to explain all of the myriad of spices and flavors to the uninitiated. The park along with our fantastic guide and his partner driver was full of wild life: elephants rhinos buffaloes. The NP is very different—lots of water bodies in a floodplain, very beautiful. we even caught a glimpse of the golden tiger— extremely rare. I could go on and on about the other parks Khana, Bandhavgarh and lastly Panna—a Much underrated park with fabulous plateaus and the beautiful Ken river. All of the lodges guides food were outstanding. We can’t wait to return.
Tess H
Tess H
27 April 2024
Amazing solo trip I had an amazing time with Tiger Safari India. I opted for the Tigers, Temples and Taj tour - but I also added on a few private days of tiger safaris at the start at the recommendation of Abhishek as I was particularly keen on seeing tigers. My dates were somewhat fixed as I was in India for a wedding so this allowed me to join up with the group Tigers, Temples and Taj tour but also have the extra Safari days at the start. I saw tigers in each of the three national parks I visited (Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Panna) with the best sightings in Kanha and Panna. The temples at Khajuraho and Orchha were also very interesting, and we had a great time seeing the Taj Mahal to finish. Abhishek was extremely helpful and communicative while I was going through the process of forming an itinerary and booking the trip, so I would highly recommend discussing your itinerary with him if you have any queries as he can offer helpful suggestions!

"Amazingly well-organized trip with many outstanding sights"

Since we live in Germany, we haven’t had any experience with an Indian travel provider before. However, the professional and polite communication. When we arrived at the airport or were changing locations the shuttle was always ready in time, so we could fully rely on the organization. Our naturalist guides were very knowledgeable and showed us a wide variety of bird species, tigers, and many other mammals. All in all, Nature Safari India did a great job to make our stay in India a great experience, from the moment we arrived at the airport until we returned there to catch our flight home. We can definitely recommend them without any hesitation and will travel with them again when we come to India next time.
Nicolas Chalwatzis

"Superb safari experience with the best tour operator imaginable"

We had a truly fantastic experience on our trip which was neatly organized into the smallest detail. We had great stays in lovely lodges in Tadoba, Pench, Kanha and Sundarbans during our 2-wk tour. From the drivers hired for transports between the destinations, over the naturalist accompanying our safaris to the staff during accommodation- everything was perfect and we're so happy that we went with Nature Safari as they provided a world-class holiday and top-notch customer care. Sharad, Deepkul and Abhishek were speedy in their replies, very helpful and checked in several times about how it's going. We can highly recommend booking with them, worth every penny!
Mario Schwarz

"Beyond Expectations! An amazing wildlife experience!!"

My time in India was made perfect thanks to Tiger Safari India, every step of my journey was made smoothly and comfortably. The accommodation was of very high standard and the service from every staff member was exceptional. Food was freshly made and by very talented chefs. I came to India to see Tigers and it did not disappoint. In 10 days I saw 11 Tigers! I was very successful thanks to the fantastic guides and drivers, who had excellent skills to locate all sorts of wildlife and could predict a good spot to see the tigers. The parks were stunningly beautiful, filled with mist and large areas of forest and meadows. I already miss watching the sun rising through that scenery. This trip was an...
Chris K.

"Excellent Experience with Nature Safari India"

Nature Safari India organized our private 2 Weeks Safari in Central India plus a couple of Sightseeing and we are very happy to having choose this agency. I found them on the responsible tiger tourism association (TOFTigers) and I liked them from the very first contact. From the first email more than two years ago to the end of our trip in April 2022, the service was great, the selection of the itinerary, Parks, lodges and guides was perfect....
Paola P.

"Incredible Madhya Pradesh experience"

Deepkul and the Tiger Safari India team put together an incredible experience for us in Kanha and Bandhavgarh. All the details were taken care of as per our preferences and budget including transportation, food, lodging, and our amazing safari guides. Deepkul was easy to communicate with and always quick to respond to any questions before and during our trip. Highly recommend!
Derek D.

"Super safari experience"

We did 5 days of safaris with Sharad Vats's team, in Kanha and Pench, in April. Right from the planning to the actual execution, Sharad was accessible, knowledgeable and helpful, to ensure we got a good experience. Not only was the itinerary planned and tweaked multiple times to suit us, but our accommodation and food needs were also taken care of well. We enjoyed the trip immensely, especially because Sharas understood that we were not just after tiger sightings, but enjoyed birds and trees and other wildlife too...
Srinivasan P.

Tiger Safari India FAQs

FAQs on Tiger Safari Holidays

There are 7 other countries besides India where the Tigers roam free. But India with a population of 2967 tigers has about three-fourth of the world’s wild tigers roaming in 50 tiger reserves. The sheer number of tigers in India increases the chances of sighting them substantially. Out of the 50 tiger reserves you have excellent chances of sighting tigers in at least 15 of them.

Yes, it is safe to stay inside the national park during your tiger safari trip to India. However, one must be aware that roaming free outside your room post-sunset is strictly prohibited. You could encounter the wildlife of any kind and it could be dangerous. These rules are more specifically followed if you’re lodging in rest house like the Dhikala Forest Rest House in Corbett National Park, but not so much in lodges that are located slightly away from the jungle’s main boundary.

A jeep is an open roofed car which is the most agile form of tiger safari within an Indian national park. It has the capacity to seat a naturalist (also your driver), a guide (as provided by the forest department) and 06 guests while on safari. A canter on the other hand is an open roofed mini bus which has the seating capacity of a driver, guide and 16-20 guests.

In India, the ideal time to view tigers is variable, depending on the season and the forest’s natural rhythms. The months of November through April, the dry season, are ideal for a tiger safari in India. At this period, tigers are more prone to come out of the jungle in search of water, since the foliage is less thick and water sources are sparse.

Tiger sightings, however, are most common between the months of February and April, when temperatures are higher and foliage is thinner. It’s also the mating season for tigers, so you could get to see some amazing antics if you go now.

Several national parks are closed from June to September, the height of the monsoon season, since the forest becomes dangerously muddy and overgrown. When the monsoons have passed in October and November, the jungle is still green and there is a decent chance of seeing tigers.

The dry season in India, which runs from November to April, is the greatest time to observe tigers, with the months of February and April being the peak months for tiger sightings. As tigers are wild creatures, their movements are never certain. Yet, if you schedule your visit well, you may boost the likelihood of a fruitful safari.

Accommodation, safari duration, number of persons in your group, and specific national park all play a role in determining the total price for your India tiger safari. Feel free to enquire any tour and our wildlife tour expert will guide you on everything.

Tigers are wild creatures, thus their whereabouts and behavior can’t be predicted. As a result, it is hard to predict how many tigers you will see on a tiger safari in India. But, the likelihood of seeing tigers on your tiger safari will vary depending on a number of variables, including the specific national park you visit, the season you go, and the length of your trip.

Certain national parks have a larger tiger population than others, therefore your chances of seeing one are greater if you visit such places. A greater probability of seeing tigers may be had in national parks like Bandhavgarh, Kanha, and Ranthambore. Yet seeing a tiger is by no means a sure thing, even in these parks.

The season also has a role in how many tigers you may encounter. As was previously indicated, the dry season (November–April) is the optimal time to see tigers. It is easier to detect tigers at this time of year since the jungle is less thick and they are more likely to go out to get water.

Your chances of seeing tigers on safari may also be affected by how long you go on the trip. Spending more time in the park increases your chances of seeing tigers, so go for a longer safari if you can.

In conclusion, it is difficult to promise a particular number of tigers you will encounter on a safari in India since the amount changes based on a variety of circumstances. Yet, you may improve your chances of seeing these magnificent animals by going on a safari for a longer period of time, going to the correct national park, and visiting at the proper time of year.

There is a wide variety of wildlife in India, so a safari will likely include sightings of more than just tigers. Some animals you could see on a safari in India include:

Leopards are the second biggest big cat in India and may be found in the same national parks as tigers. They’re more difficult to notice than tigers because to their penchant for hiding in plain sight.

The biggest number of Asiatic elephants may be found in India, and they are often seen in the country’s numerous national parks. They are fascinating to see and are usually located close to bodies of water.

Dholes, or Indian wild dogs, are a critically endangered canine subspecies that may be seen in a few of India’s national parks. They’re quite gregarious and always found in groups.

Bears with very long snouts called sloth bears, and they may be seen in most of India’s national parks. They like to be left alone and operate mostly during daylight hours.

The Sambar deer is the biggest kind of deer in India, and it is common to see them in the country’s many protected areas. Tigers and leopards rely heavily on them as prey.

The Nilgai, or “blue bull,” is the biggest antelope species in Asia and may be seen in a number of India’s national parks. A common sight in open grasslands, these birds are easily recognizable because to their distinctive blue-gray coloring.

Opt for early morning or late afternoon safaris, as tigers are more active during these periods. Additionally, hiring an experienced guide that can track tiger movement within the national park and choosing less crowded zones within the parks enhances the likelihood of tiger sightings.

Responsible tourism promotes conservation efforts and minimizes environmental impact. Choosing eco-friendly accommodations, supporting local communities, and respecting wildlife habitats contribute to sustaining the ecosystem for future generations of tiger enthusiasts in India.

While photography is encouraged, some parks may have guidelines to prevent disturbance to wildlife. Using silent shutters and avoiding the use of flash is recommended. Always follow the rules set by the park authorities for responsible wildlife photography. It’s important to note that while mobile phones and small cameras are often allowed for personal use, there may be a fee for the usage of documentary and film cameras inside the national parks. Always check with the specific park regulations for details on camera usage fees.

The duration of a tiger safari can vary. Safaris usually last for 3 to 4 hours, with morning and afternoon sessions. Some parks also offer full-day safaris. Visitors can choose the duration based on personal preferences and the availability of safari options at the chosen destination.

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